WHAIA Values

Our school has five core values that underpin our expectations at Mountview School.

Whakaute - Respect

Hauora - Wellbeing

All Together - Kotahitanga

I am Responsible - Haepapatanga

Angitu - Excellence

Our students are encouraged to develop the expectations of each value and teach explicity the skills within them.  We focus on how our values support students learning at school and our values are modelled  and consistently required of all who work and learn at Mountview School. These form a “common language” and a common expectation of everyone, and encourages our students to learn the dispositions to becoming life long learners.


Super Crew

Our Super Crew is made up of our senior students who can see seen wearing blue T-Shirts in the play ground at play and lunch times. Our Super Crew role model our values and playground behaviour in our school. They support our students to show our values of Whakaute/Respect and Kotahitanga/All Together.

Choices Wheel

These are displayed across the school in both English and Maori. These are our playground expectations that we remind students of to help encourage their problem solving skills.  We actively encourage students to use the Choices Wheel - it is a tool that all our students are familiar with and it has become a natural tool for our students problem solving.


Students at Mountview regularly recieve WHAIA Bands when the excel in showing the value

Outside the classroom

These are our expectations at Mountview for outside the classroom:

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Inside the classroom

These are our expectations at Mountview School in the classroom:

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