We have 303 students attending Mountview School from Years 1 to 8.

Mountview welcomes students with Special Education needs. Mountview is able to provide options for parents.

  • We have 9 classrooms delivering the New Zealand Curriculum for students in English Medium mainstream classes: Year 1 -8
  • We have one classroom with Level 4 provision of Teo Reo Maori for year 7-8 students.
  • We have two classrooms in our Rumaki with Maori Medium education delivering the curriculum: Te Marautanga o Aoteroa, from Year 1 –6.

As most students have Tuwharetoa iwi and hapu links, an emphasis on cultural values, identity and knowledge of this rohe is fostered.The cultural backgrounds and identity of all students is important at Mountview. Our students excel in both team and individual sporting events.

When enrolling at Mountview students quickly realise that we are a values based learning community. The WHAIA values are taught and celebrated throughout school life. Students are particularly positive with students from diverse backgrounds.

Student-Led Conferences

Student-Led Conferences will be held on Monday 24th March - Wednesday 26th of March. School will be closing at 2pm on these days. We expect all parents/caregivers to attend these as they are crucial to supporting your child and their learning.