We sell our books to our students in a "pack".  Each year we source books and have them availiable to you at the best prices and quality.  This pack is designed to last for the whole shool year, but occasionally you will need to purchase additional books towards the end of the school year. We sell packs to make it easier for parents to get the correct books at the best price.  These are bought through our school office and can be paid by either Cash, Cheque or EFTPOS.  Price lists go home at the end of Term 4 and also at the beginning of Term 1.

If you child starts school during the year, we will use the books from your previous school, but may ask you to buy additional books if needed.

If you require a letter for WINZ, please see Lynette in the office.

The cost of stationery is as follows:

Room 2 New Entrants $32.00
Room 8 & 9 Year 1-2 $35.00
Room 11 & 12 Year 5-6 $12.00
Room 13 & 14 Year 7-8 $30.00
Room 6 & 7 Year 2-3 $38.00
Room 10 Year 3-4 $35.00
Rumaki - Rm 4 Year 0-3 $40.00
Rumaki - Rm 5 Year 4-6 $40.00
Room 15 Year 4-5 $35.00

Compulsory fees for each student are $8 for an online maths programme (Mathletics) and school fees are $15 per student or $30 per family.

School Donation

We have a very resonable School Donation of $15 per student or $30 for the family for the year.  We encourage all families to pay this when purchasing their books.