Our students engage in school and inter school events throughout the year. Students are exposed to a wide variety of sports and taught specific skills during the year via our Kiwi Sport programme.   Students engage in Hockey, Netball, Basketball, Touch, League, Rugby and attend Aims games. 

Students are also involved in:




Ripper Rugby



Weekly wakeboarding

Tough girl tough guy challenge

KiwiSport / Interschool Events 2019 – Draft Plan

We have 17 projects planned for 2019

·       4 Interschool events

Ø  Athletics – Wednesday 13th March (Week 7)/ Wednesday 20th March

Ø  T- Ball ( Yr 5/6) – Wednesday 10th  April ( Week 11)

Ø  Cross country – Wednesday 4th September (Week 7)

Ø  Swimming – Wednesday 20th November (Week 6)


·       13 KiwiSport projects with planned festivals for some of the codes

Term 1

Weeks 2-7     Athletics – Interschool event

Weeks 2-11   Have A Go Hockey- tasters

Weeks 2-9     GoGirls Cricket Yr 4-6 – tasters (Wednesday and Friday)

                        Festival – Wednesday 27th March

Weeks 5-6     School Winter Sports Registrations (5 Clubs)

Weeks 10/11 World Cup Football Festival – Wednesday 3rd / Wednesday 10th April

Weeks 1-10   KiwiSport Netball Yr 1-2 – tasters (Monday and Wednesday )

Week 11        T- Ball Interschool event

Term 2

Weeks 1-6  KiwiSport Rippa Rugby - tasters, competitions (x3)

Ø  Taupo Rippa Rugby Tournament – Wednesday 29th May

Ø  King Country Rippa Finals – Wednesday 19th June

Ø  Waikato Finals - June

Weeks 1-8   KiwiSport Volleyball- tasters

Weeks 6-9   KiwiSport Badminton- tasters

Term 3

Weeks 2-9  Cross Country tasters- Interschool event

Weeks 6-9  KiwiSport Have A Go Tennis- tasters

Weeks 5-10  KiwiSport Golf Tasters

Term 4

Weeks 1-5  KiwiSport Cricket- tasters and festival ( Week 4)

Week 6      Swimming- Interschool event