Transitioning to School

We currently have three New Entrant Classes for 5 year olds to transition into. Room 2 has pre-school visits on a Tuesday and a Friday morning. Room 3's pre school visits are on a Monday and Wednesday morning. We encourage families to come in and organise visits for their child  in the term leading up to their 5th birthday or start of school date.  We are also flexible on transition and can work around parent work commitments. 

Please come into reception at the front of the school and complete enrolment forms for your pre-school child about 6 weeks before they turn 5.  Once we have your contact details we will get in touch to organise school visits. Local kindies and day care centres regularly bring children along to experience the school setting.

Regular school visits allow your child to form friendships and relationships with their peers and adults in the school. On initial visits we encourage whanau to stay with their child so that they can support and reassure them. As children become more confident with the class routines and parents feel they are settled, they are welcome to drop their child off before returning to collect them at an agreed time. This allows students to develop independence in readiness for starting school. As your child gets closer to starting school we increase the number and length of visits and set up other times individually with whanau to fit their schedule.

We look forward to welcoming you into our school.