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  • Welcome to Room 3's page
    Welcome to Room 3’s webpage.
    My name is Whaea Theresa, the teacher, and our class is a New Entrants class. We are 5 years old now, and starting our school life. We have a combination of play and work in our class.
    We use our kind, friendly words and we make friends with all the new people we are meeting at school. We enjoy learning new things in our safe classroom and school environment.
    We practise our letters, reading, writing and math everyday. We understand that we need to keep trying and never give up. We know that we learn by making a mistake and then trying again.
    We have a lovely outside space, that we share with the other New Entrants classes. It has a sand pit, a water play area and a deck which we have teddy bear picnics and car race tracks on.
    We learn how to co-operate, share and e responsible for ourselves and our friends in everything we do.
    School is exciting and we have a great time learning in both play and seat work. We are a happy bunch looking forward to our year of learning.
    Posted: Wednesday 21 February 2018